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Grand Opening
Opening | April 04, 2015
L2Conflict is now online, enjoy it.
If you encounter any problems, please PM Kairo or Momo
Coming up at 04/04/2015
Opening | March 22, 2015
Server is going to open at 04.04.2015 17:00 GMT +2.
Sign up to our forums to begin your journey in the new fresh server that is going to truly rock.
Stay tuned folks, and don't forget to join our group in Facebook.
Welcome to L2Conflict
Information | March 20, 2015

We are glad to present you our server, a stable x20 Hi5 mid rate server which has been under development for more than a year!

We are currently doing our best to make server balanced and enjoyable!
Our staff will never ask for your account password, and if you are asked by someone pretending to be our staff member it is probably a scam, so don't give your account information to anyone!
You should register in our forum to stay aware of any updates or announcements about the server!

We are constantly in development and have a load of new working features! So if you are looking for a new adventure on mid rate server, try to taste our server, because were preparing our server carefully, based on several years of research and experience with Lineage II, in order to provide an incredible experience to Lineage II players.